Vetiver Essential Oil is derived from the aromatic roots of the Vetiveria zizanioides (Linn) Nash. botanical. Grown without any pesticides or toxins . So many companies in the market sell synthetic essential oils or mixed with chemicals that you will not find benefits on . Cheap synthetic oils actually can give you a headache and migraine. 

Due to its grounding, sensuous, and deeply calming scent, Vetiver Essential Oil is also referred to as the “Oil of Tranquility” and “The Fragrance of the Earth .”

Used in aromatherapy applications, Vetiver Essential Oil is beneficial for soothing migraines, headaches,anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and inability to concentrate or remember.

Used medicinally, Vetiver Essential Oil works as a natural anti-oxidant that promotes relief from various types of inflammation. properties are reputed to show regenerative effects as they enhance and maintain immunity. Its anti-septic properties eliminate and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Used in massages, the tonic properties of Vetiver Essential Oil enhance circulation, boosts the metabolism and digestion, eases muscular aches, and soothes joint pain.

if applied to skin dilute in a carrier oil like : organic  jojoba or coconut oil 

*For external Use Only* 



How to use : apply just one drop to the palm of your hands rub together . Place hands close to your nose and smell the decent for a few seconds. You can apply in temples to keep the scent and get the relief though out the day . You can add a couple drops to you bath, shower also . This bottle should last you months if used as advised. A little goes a long way .

for external use only  

One amber glass bottle 

0.17 fl. Oz (5ml)