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Private Reflexology | gua sha |  Consultation 



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You will be provided with a combination of different Maps And Points , Depending on your specific needs ,Massage Techniques, Correct Use of Reflexology Tool , Correct Way of accessing The Reflexology Points on the Face .

Some Samples of maps +points are :  

•Stress Relief 
•Female Reproductive System 

•Migranes | Hormonal Headaches 

• Hormonal Imbalances 
• Nicotine Addiction Relief 

•Asthma and Respiratory Issues 

This are just Some Samples You will be provided for your specific ailment. And you can start incorporating this teaching into your life and your loved ones. 

A ancient practice  that will bring so much relief into your life . 






The  ideas, procedures, and suggestions in this consultation are not intended as a substitude for the medical advice of a trained professional.  Consult your physician before adopting the suggestions in this consultation or anything on this website, as well as any condition that may require diagnosis or medical attention.