Raw silk Gentle Exfoliating Wash Cloth


* Made From 100% Pure Natural mulberry silk: Chemical Free, Undyed color, Suitable for all skin type even baby skin and sensitive skin

 • The silk washcloth helps your skin become smooth and luminous, improve your skin’s texture, remove stubborn blackheads, unclog Pores

 •Eco-friendly: Our products are completely handmade instead of massive prodution. With it’s Natural ingredient, our products can be biodegradable after using (about 3 months), so you can cut it into small pieces, then bury in the ground and it will naturally decompose in the soil as fertilizer.

 • The silk towel has 2 layers, so it looks thicks but very airy, easy to dry and very suitable for traveling or carry around without get too much space in your luggage

comes with 

One 10x10 inch facial towel + one  3x3 inch pad 

color varies slightly from pale yellow to yellow 


Silk Care Instruction:

- Do:

• Wash Silk in gentle soap

• Wash Silk in cold water

• Dry washing

• Iron while silk is moist


- Don’t:

• Soaking too long in cold water

• Washing by machine

• Washing in hot water