Jade Comb: Face, Body and Scalp Gua Sha

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Not all gua shas are created equal

Now there are several gua sha stones on the market. But not all are created equal. The better ones are made of precious stones like rose quartz or xiuyan  jade and nephrite while some of the cheaper versions can be made of colored glass.

The fence post-like ridges work to efficiently stimulate the energy points, un-tangle adhesions and create space by releasing stagnation and tension that attributes to multiple skin-related issues. Like eczema, rashes and more. 

• Instantly firms and lifts
• Renew facial contours & helps sagging skin
• Minimize the appearance of wrinkles 
• Brightens ,promotes radiant complexion
• Reduce dark spots, blemishes & other skin problems


As a head & scalp massager: Use light, circular motions with the comb side of the tool to stimulate your scalp and promote relaxation. Focus on the areas near your ears and right above your neck to reduce tension. For extra benefit, add a few drops of Elixir to your scalp and massage in by using Jade Massaging Comb.

As a face gua sha: Use the gua sha edges of the tool over clean skin daily for 3 - 5 minutes. Massage from the center of your face by your nose outward towards cheeks. Then proceed to massage down your chin and up your forehead. For best results, apply any elixir  to skin first, then massage them in using your Xiuyan Jade Gua Sha. 

As a body gua sha: Using the gua sha edges of your tool, massage anywhere on your body by “scraping” skin with firm pressure to help relieve tight muscles. For best results, apply Elixirs to skin first, then massage in using your Jade Gua Sha.

xiuyan Jade is the most effective Jade for the skin , it varies slightly in color and pattern since is a natural stone  . That shows that you are getting a true stone . 

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Charlene S.
Switzerland Switzerland

Overall i ordered more than this jade comb but i love it! I loved how carefully everything was wrapped and the details in the packaging were nice too. I was amazed by the packaging because it has had to be shipped to Switzerland which takes a while but it arrived quick and without anything broken inside because it was wrapped and stuffed so Nice. But i am new too gua sha and o think with this one i made a good choice

United States United States
Im Happy with this tool

Im new to Gua Sha and decided to go with this jade comb one! Im super happy with the results my scalp feels healthier and my hair . I also love it for my face and boy is the perfect gua sha for me!