Fascia Release Tool


The Fascia release tool  is an elegant facial massage tool for anti-aging.

Why We Love It

Utilizing an ancient Japanese massage technique, this massage tool is used for lymphatic drainage and fascia release. Fascia is an important protective layer of connective tissue around your muscles. Unfortunately, with time it can get a little too stiff and tough. Is perfect shapes and contours help give these tissues a luxurious massage. We are in love with this little tool even for massaging the entire body.

Material: Natural Resin  comes with protective pouch 


 The Face Lifting Miracle

If you want to soften those frown lines and wrinkles around the mouth or give your eyebrows a good lift, this tool  is a myofascial release tool that can accomplish what basic skincare cannot. This facial massage tool creates circulation that not only delivers collagen, elastin, and plumping hyaluronic acid to your skin, but it also allows the facial fascia to return to a more relaxed, healthy state.


Recommended Ritual 

For fascia to release more quickly, it’s best to use it while your body is warm, such as after a shower or time spent in a sauna. Although it might seem like working the surface of the skin over very rigorously might produce the best results, the opposite is actually true. The more lightly you use this tool the more deeply the fascia releases.