Anointing Drops • Clear & Calm


Anointing Drops 💧

This drops can be applied directly to your skin . This drops are on a base of safflower and jojoba  . With a blend of cedarwood , palo santo, lavender, rose geranium, frankincense  , Rose Quartz 
To anoint is to run or smear with oil and was used in ancient times for higher position individuals like kings and queens . They would see it as more than a luxury but as healing practice a healing of the mind , body and soul . Because of the ingredients they used it definitely did healing . Anointing today can be used also as a natural perfume just that combination that calms you , or brings you joy .
This first one is for anxiety and restless nights . 
Clear and calm anointing oil drops 

The oils that I create take you on a journey through the senses, the soul and the imagination.

The oils  are made with plant absolutes, dried herbs, flowers, crystals, high quality essential oils, natural fragrances, natural resins and botanical oils. The oil is strained before the final bottling so no dried material or crystals remain in the blend that you will receive. Only the energy of these ingredients remain. 


All of my (Anointing oils) are intuitively created. Due to the nature of this process I only make one batch of oil at a time and I don’t keep recipes or attempt to duplicate blends once they have sold out.

These healing oils can be applied to the pulse points , behind ears, on collarbone and worn as a perfume 
They can also be used to anoint the body before or during a bath or the time your intuition tells you that you need a little extra help. 

 5ml Amber Glass Bottle with Euro Dropper