Probiotics for skin acne

It been scientifically proven that probiotics help in the healing of our bodies .But what do they have to do with Skin Acne and other inflammation conditions like , eczema , psoriasis and other rashes!?

We need to understand first that our skin (the biggest organ of the body) like our whole body has a population of different organism that cohabitate with us.

This is also referred to as our microbiome!

For optimal skin health we need our microbiome to be in balance, and there are so many things that makes the microbiome go crazy and starts to give us problems like the conditions mentioned above. 

As acne sufferers we tends to use mostly all products for acne . These strip our skin aka the microbiome that we need to stay in balance .

Thats why the main thing to focus as someone that has acne is to reduce the inflammation , reduce the products we use. And use gentle and balancing products that will restore your highly intelligent microbiome . Taking probiotics will help reduce that inflammation! And start rebalancing from the inside out!

Is good to look for products that won't contain harmful chemicals , since our skin absorbs all those chemicals and they go directly to our blood stream. Jojoba Oil in its purest form has been knowns by independent studies to balance our skin microbiome. 

The next time you look at your skin acting out!  Think of it as a piece of the puzzle because everything in our bodies work together in harmony or disharmony . 

So lets start making choices to harmonize our bodies including our larges and precious organ  "The Skin"

Art by: Tanya Shatseva 


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