The Real Reason You need to massage your Face !

Connective Tissue AKA Fascia is the most present tissue in the Body.

It has an important role in providing structural support and holding everything together. In other words is kind of like the underdog in skin care. No one talks about it but it carries most of weight. 

It is the vehicle for fluid and energy throughout the body.

If your are healthy this tissue moves freely throughout the body.

If you have Chronic Stress , Chronic immobility, any type of injury or disease connective tissue hardens and may stick to other tissues forming stagnation or adhesions. These result in unhealthy tissue  and all of the body's exchanges or nutrients or removing of cellular waste is reduced to an alarming level.

When we massage our skin specially with light pressure featherlike , we are releasing this tissue helping your body to heal and helping skin health .

Have you massaged your face today ?


Art by: Anna Razumovskaya


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