We have know for decades that hormones impact our skin , hair, the brain and more


But why ?

Are all skin issues traced back to a hormonal imbalance?

First lest take a look at certain times of our life’s that our skin acts out more .

Maybe when we are teenagers, when we become pregnant, In menopause? When we undergo a stressful time in our life.

All these times have one thing in common a big hormonal imbalance happening. Your body is not in tune ,your hormones are for one or many reasons going crazy.


The endocrine system is considered a community of organs whose cells , emit , receive , and comediantes signals from other organs as well as for themselves. The skin has the capacity to do this and it receives signals from other glands and produces hormones and enzymes. Making a endocrine organ.


According to research after a woman has reached menopause, the majority of the sex steroid hormones found in her circulation are produced by other organs like the skin .


We also know that the skin absorbs everything you put on it . And that most products in the market are full or chemicals and toxins causing hormonal disruption.


So now I take it back to you . And leave you with this question.

Why are you still putting chemicals on your skin a hormonal organ ?

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